Berg to direct Dune

Thomas Turgoose stars as David, a young boy who lives a carefree life on a coastal caravan park with his best friend Emily. When David learns that Emily is being forced to move away, he helps her hide out in a remove cave on the beach. But as David watches the police close in on his missing friend, their innocent secret takes on a life of its own. When the real reason Emily wants to escape comes to light, David’s world is shattered. Swept up in a situation out of his control, and with his feelings for his best friend growing stranger by the day, David is forced to take action.

Peter Berg  (The Kingdom) is attached to direct a big screen adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel ‘Dune’, reports Variety. Sources indicate that Berg and team are currently searching for a writer to pen the project. 


Herbert’s 1965 novel is a futuristic tale set on the remote desert planet Arrakis, which produces the interstellar empire’s sole source of the spice ‘Melange’ — used for distant space travel. An empire wide power struggle ensues over the control of the spice.


TIDBIT: Berg worked as a dock worker in San Pedro, California prior to getting his “big break”