Beckinsale May Return for Another Outing of UNDERWORLD

Two new films and a TV series in development…

Just recently, we heard that British actor Theo James (‘Divergent’) was set to take the lead in a fifth outing of ‘Underworld,’ with Kate Beckinsale expected to sit it out. Now, while out promoting ‘Sleepy Hollow,’ director/producer Len Wiseman has revealed a little bit more about the ambitious plans for the vampires versus werewolves franchise, indicating that we have not seen the last of Beckinsale’s leather-clad, vampire death dealer Selene.

“There’s a few things being developed right now,” Wiseman told IGN at New York Comic Con this past weekend. “There are some characters that we really liked as more of a spinoff…like we did with Rise of the Lycans. And then another film is also being developed with Kate possibly as well. And then there’s a television series…so it’s kind of expanding that universe in many ways.”

Asked which would come to fruition first, Wiseman responded: “You tell me. Everything’s in development.”