Baz Luhrmans Irish TV Advert

The acclaimed director has made an advert for Australian tourism, we’ve got a first look…

We are big fans of Baz Luhrman here at towers, there isn’t a day we’re not quoting Shakespeare or humming Beatles songs in Ewan McGreggor accents and it’s all thanks to Baz.


So we were very chuffed when Baz Luhrman’s people got in touch with us about a new advert airing on Irish TV tonight. Baz created the short film for Tourism Australia on the back of his filming the movie “Australia”.


The advert can be downloaded in high quality from HERE. You can also view the Youtube video below.



Baz’s campaign launches in Ireland tonight, Thursday 9 October, with a mixture of 60 and 30 second TV executions. This first burst of new campaign activity will run until 22 October and will form part of a €500,000 spend on marketing Australia in Ireland over the coming months.


Also from today, the Australian tourism
site will carry behind the scenes podcasts and featurettes on the Baz’s upcoming
‘Australia’ film. You can watch exclusive behind the scenes features HERE


Tourism Australia Managing Director Geoff Buckley said the unique opportunity created by the production of Luhrmann’s epic film Australia was one the organisation could not let pass.

“We knew that this huge film would create a wave of publicity that would put the country in the spotlight around the globe,” he said. “And we found that the film’s story had a remarkable resonance for what we do marketing the country as a travel destination.

“The challenge was always going to be how to ride the power of the film, but with a stand-alone and self-reliant tourism campaign. Getting Baz Luhrmann and his team on board to make that campaign was simply the best result we could hope for.”

Nick Baker, Executive General Manager Marketing for Tourism Australia said the campaign was unlike any other tourism campaign. “It’s cinematic in style, is based on a story with a beginning, middle and end, is sophisticated and highly emotive,” he said. “It is not the traditional slide-show of pretty pictures of places and people.

“The idea stems from Baz’s film, which tells the story of Nicole Kidman’s character, Lady Sarah Ashley, who has lost her sense of self but who finds adventure, romance and her true self when she comes to Australia.

“We’ve made that core storyline into two short-film-like stories of contemporary people who are stressed and disconnected from their loved ones and their true selves, and who find their centre and their release in Australia.”

Mr Baker said the term ‘walkabout’ had been adopted in the campaign as a uniquely Australian way of describing what holidays should be – a time of release, joy, discovery and reconnection with our loved ones and our real selves.


A short version of the advert can be seen on this Youtube clip, press play below to view it.


There are also longer versions of the advert available from the following links.

Link to file 2:



Link to file 3:



Link to file 4:


Australia opens at Irish cinemas in December 2008