Bardem Replaced by Woman

Sam Shepard plays Irish prison escapee Jo Bronco Bullfrog. Hiding out in a seamy section of London’s East End, Bullfrog befriends a gang of teenagers. Looking for kicks, the kids team up with Bullfrog, but his notion of excitement proves too much for them. Some good scenes, backed by excellent location photography, do not mitigate some of the more foolish aspects of the storyline. Completed in 1970, Bronco Bullfrog was withheld from general release for nearly two years.~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Oscar winner Javier Bardem has been replaced by a woman in Francis Ford Coppola’s new film.


The Spanish actor’s role in ‘Tetro’ has been taken over by ‘Volver’ star Carmen Maura after Coppola decided to rewrite it as female.


Coppola explained the change to The Hollywood Reporter: “One of the important roles in the script is a mentor and teacher to Tetro (Vincent Gallo), and I originally wrote it for a man. “I felt that the interaction between the two characters would be far more intriguing if they were of the opposite sex.”


Bardem won the Best Actor Academy Award for Coen brothers thriller ‘No Country For Old Men’.


TIDBIT: Coppola’s script for the movie was stolen from his Argentinian home by armed robbers last September.