Anchorman 2 in 2012

Ron Burgundy returns by the 2012 Olympics!

In a recent interview with, Will Ferrell spoke about returning to the most icon role Ron Burgundy.

According to the actor, who is currently promoting his latest film ‘Step Brothers’, directed by ‘Anchorman’ helmer Adam McKay, “We want to deliver. I think it’s going to come out in, well it’s ironic we’re in the Olympics right now, in four more year’s for the next Olympics”. You can view the interview HERE.

Director Adam McKay also added that he had been in talks with the cast, all of who are eager to return to the project, though as the helmer joked ” We have a tagline – “Get ready for the incredible disappointment that is Anchorman 2” – cause there is no way it will do as well as the first!