Affleck Being Sought for JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Long-in-development superhero team-up eyes Affleck as director.

Reports are coming in that Ben Affleck (‘Argo,’ ‘The Town,’ ‘Gone Baby Gone’) has been approached by Warner Bros. to take the directing reigns of its highly anticipated ‘Justice League’ movie.

According to Variety, Affleck is set to meet with the studio bigwigs in the next couple of days to discuss the project. The trade also reports that the he is the only candidate who has been sent the Will Beall-penned script which is expected to bring together marquee characters Batman and Superman, as well as Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

But don’t get your hopes up Affleck fans, as Deadline is “calling bullshit” on Variety’s report, claiming not to have covered the news earlier this week after hearing from the filmmaker’s reps who stated that he won’t be signing on the dotted line, but would meet with the studio to discuss the project as a courtesy.

Expect to hear more on this as it develops.

Affleck is no stranger to the world of superheroes having played Marvel superhero Daredevil, and portraying ‘Adventures of Superman’ actor George Reeves in Allen Coulter’s ‘Hollywoodland.’ He was also a candidate to direct the ‘Superman’ reboot, ‘Man of Steel,’ before Zack Snyder was brought on board.