10 Incredibly Clever Facts About Dumb & Dumber To

Before you see the sequel make yourself a little less dumb

1/ Twenty Years In The Making 

The Farrelly brothers and Jeff Daniels admitted they would have probably done a sequel to the original 1994 movie years ago, but Jim Carrey was just too busy being a movie star and the project was pushed back. Jim didn’t come around to the idea of revisiting the movie until he accidentally caught the movie on TV, “I had seen bits and pieces of Dumb and Dumber a number of times,” revealed Carey, “but this time I sat and watched it and was laughing and couldn’t believe some of the stuff we did. We captured lightning in a bottle.”

2/ Don’t mention the prequel
A prequel to the original movie titled ‘Dumb & Dumberer : When Harry Met Lloyd’ was released in 2003 starring two previously unknown actors. The Farrelly brothers, who co-wrote and directed the original movie had no involvement in the film, nor did Jim Carrey or Jeff Daniels. The film earned some of the worst ever reviews ever seen by movie critics and was nominated for three Golden Raspberry Awards. In other words, you really never want to see this movie, stick with the official ones!


3/ The deranged look
To make the character of Harry look dumber Jim Carrey knocked out a cap from a tooth with a Bic lighter, giving him that trademark chipped-tooth look. He had his tooth chipped again for the sequel, and posted a picture of it online along with the caption, “GESS HUUZ BAK BICHEZ?

4/ Jim Carey, master barber
To promote the new movie Jim Carrey set up a temporary barber stall on Hollywood Boulevard to give passers-by a bowl haircut similar to the famous mop he wears in the movie. You can watch him giving victims the worst haircuts ever online at http://bit.ly/1y7auxT


5/ Emmy Winning Actor
Jeff Daniels won his first Emmy award (for ‘The Newsroom’) the night before ‘Dumb & Dumber To’ began production… not bad for a dummy!

6/ Harry & Lloyd
The dumb duo from the movie are named after the silent comedy star Harold Lloyd. Other actors were considered for the movie before Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels were cast. Nicolas Cage was offered the part of Harry and both Steve Martin & Martin Short turned down the role of Lloyd.

7/ The art of being dumb
When asked how Harry & Lloyd managed to survive for the twenty years between movies director Peter Farrelly revealed “They have no stress because they have no jobs and no wives and no kids. So if you look at their lives they are probably more in the moment than 99.9 percent of the people out there and I guess that’s the whole point of life, to live in the moment. They don’t have problems. Ignorance is bliss, that’s it. I wish I didn’t know so much.”

8/ Improvisation
Many of the original movie’s most memorable lines were thought up on the spot (including the most annoying sound in the world), and the Farrelly brothers gave Jim Carrey free rein to test things out. The iconic “We’ve landed on the moon!” line was improvised by Jim Carrey when he noticed the newspaper headline hanging on the wall of their hotel.

9/ Pay Rise
As a relatively unknown actor Jim Carrey was originally offered just $350,000 to appear in the first movie, then ‘Ace Ventura : Pet Detective’ was released and became a huge hit and resulting in a salary increase for Carrey of a whopping $7 million.


10/ When Can I See It?
‘Dumb & Dumber To’ is now showing in Irish cinemas