Watch before Viewing Terminator Salvation

With the release of the highly anticipated 4th film in the Terminator line, bring you a logical and efficient guide to enhance your viewing pleasure.


Terminator: Salvation brings us into the post-apocalyptic future of Earth, where mankind struggles to survive and robots have all but conquered the planet and our only hope lies on the shoulders of one man, John Connor, can he alongside the mysterious Marcus Wright infiltrate Skynet and finally bring an end to the Terminators and the rest of the machines…

With the release of the highly anticipated 4th film in the Terminator line, Terminator: Salvation we bring you a logical and efficient ‘Watch before Viewing’ guide set to enhance your viewing pleasure.




It all beings with this one, the 1927 film directed by Fritz Lang is probably one of the most well known films about robots. Cited for its ground breaking effects that still manage to astound even modern audiences, a powerful story – a silent science fiction movie that will forever go down in the film classics.

A film about the workers revolution, robots and corruption, Metropolis paved the way for the rest of the films in our list.

Terminator 2




“I’ll be back” and he really wasn’t joking, the Terminator managed to come back in the nick of time once more and this is the title clearly gives away a sequel to the original Terminator in 1984 and the prequel to the 2003, Rise of the Machines. With all that said, Terminator is considered to be the best of all these and its pretty clear why. 10 years after Sarah Connor escaped the metal clutches of the Terminator, Skynet have sent a newer model to track her son down and eh..terminate him to ensure the future they want, however the resistance manages to send their own robot back, one packed full of titanium courage, a degree in blowing stuff up and plenty of memorable catchphrases.






Will Smith plays the technophobic police detective Del Spooner, whose life was completely turned upside down when a robot saved him from a near-fatal accident but by saving him a little girl died. Unlike the cold logical robots, Spooner is smothered by guilt and swears off technology but when a robot is accused of murdering a human it falls to Spooner to uncover the hidden conspiracy and reevaluate his mistrust of robots.

The Matrix



With groundbreaking effects, the Matrix left an entire generation wondering what reality really was and had we all become truly consumed by technology – ok well maybe it didn’t go that far but the Matrix did for sci-fi what Godfather did for gangster films. When a smalltime hacker is awakened to the reality of the world, it is up to him and a handful of others who live outside the computer-programmed matrix world to save humanity from the grasp of machines. The bullet-time scene with Neo and Agent Smith has influenced everything from other films to video games and even cartoons. The Matrix has grew into two more sequels, a forth animated film that ran alongside the release of the sequels, two console video games and even an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).

2001: A Space Odyssey





A film described as ‘culturally, historically and aesthetically significant’ by the US Library of Congress and is being preserved in the National Film Registry. It was nominated for four Academy Awards and won one for Best Effects, directed by Stanley Kubrick and written by Kubrick and one of the grandfathers of science-fiction Arthur C. Clarke. 2001: A Space Odyssey, is a story of evolution and science, when a monolith is discovered on the moon, one similar to found on Earth, a mission to discover the origins of these giant monoliths and their power over evolution but things go wrong when HAL, the spaceships onboard computer questions the actions of the onboard astronauts and its own directives it opts to kill the passengers in order to carry out its programmed orders.