Watch before Viewing Monsters

With Gareth Edwards’ latest flick heading to Irish cinemas, we recommend the following flicks before viewing MONSTERS




Matt Reeves (and producer J. J. Abrams turn a mysterious monster loose in Manhattan in this disaster flick. The movie begins at a party for Rob (Michael Stahl-David), who has accepted a promotion that will send him to Japan. Hud (T. J. Miller) is entrusted with the responsibility of videotaping the party–and as the trouble grows, he holds on to the camera, recording everything that happens… A genuine roller-coaster ride, Cloverfield will leave you nauseated and well entertained.





Director Neill Blomkamp and producer Peter Jackson, deliver a realistic take of what the arrival of an extraterrestrial species might be like, with aliens quarantined by the government to their own heavily-guarded slum and being treated as second-class citizens





A shot-for-shot remake of Spanish horror flick [REC], Quarantine stars Jennifer Carpenter as Angela, a perky TV news reporter who’s shadowing a Los Angeles firehouse for the night, along with her cameraman Scott (Steve Harris). After an uneventful few hours, things liven up considerably when the firemen (including Jay Hernandez as Jake) get called to an apartment building to investigate reports that an old lady is acting strangely…





London, England, an infection spreads from person to person, turning your average Joe-average into ravenous killers. Our hero Jim (played by our very own Cillian Murphy) awakes from a coma 28 days after the outbreak and now, he and those few remaining survivors must face the reality of a deserted city.. More than your average horror, Danny Boyle’s ’28 Days Later’ works as both a superior/terrifying zombie pic and a sharp political allegory.