Watch before Viewing Buried heads six feet under as we look at what films to see before BURIED hits Irish cinemas…

This week brings you some of the most enclosed and tight spaced movies we’ve ever watched, so those viewers and readers with a claustrophobic disposition better stop reading now!

Buried is the new movie directed Rodrigo Cortés and starring Ryan Reynolds and Anne Lockhart. Reynolds plays Paul Conroy, a truck driver and family man who wakes up to suddenly find himself buried six feet under in a cramped box – with nothing but a lighter, cell phone and a knife.

How he got there? Who did it to him? Why? All of these questions race through his mind but as air begins to fade and his time begins to run out, Conroy will need to decide what to do or face an agonising death. With that in mind, we bring you some of the best movies out there that have made us feel trapped, pressured and panicky…enjoy!

The Descent

After the death of her husband and daughter, Sarah attempts to escape the reality of her situation by tagging along with her adrenalin junkie girlfriends on a weekend of cave exploration and climbing.
However it soon becomes clear when the group enter the cave that they are not alone in the darkness, creatures who feed on flesh are stalking them throughout the narrow rocky caverns. Sarah then realises that they are not in the cave they had been told they were exploring and their team leader sent them into an unchartered cave hoping that they could claim it for themselves.

This is one movie those of you who can’t bear the thought of tight spaces to avoid. As the explorers squeeze and shuffle their way through tiny gaps in walls and wait with baited breath to see which one will fall victim to the creatures.

Panic Room

Jodie Foster plays Meg Altman, a recent divorcée who has just bought a new home for her and her daughter Sarah. The simple idea was that their new home was close enough to her ex-husband for Sarah to visit and still close to schools for their daughter. The brand new home comes equipped with all modern cons and even a Panic Room, designed to protect the homeowners against intruders, disasters and whatever else might come their way. When their home is invaded by three gunmen seeking a dead man’s fortune, mother and daughter
seek safety and shelter in the room designed to protect them but the tiny room soon becomes a prison as the criminals begin to demolish their way. Will the tiny grey box become their graves?


Probably one of Kathy Bates best and most popular roles to date, Misery is also one of horror legend Stephen King’s most popular books. It is the story of Paul Sheldon, a novelist, who on completing his latest book sets about returning home only to have a car crash on the icy mountainous roads.
Rescued by a former nurse, Paul wakes up in the home, of Annie Wilkes, his number one fan and all around deranged nutcase. Annie has told no one about Paul’s accident and after finding out the fate of her favourite heroine, she reveals her dark side, continually keeping Paul weak and eventually bringing a hammer down on him. Tied to a bed, poisoned and now crippled Paul is trapped in a hellish four by four room with no one for company but his biggest fan…

The Hole

Thora Birch and Keira Knightley play Frankie and Liz two teenage girls and friends at a stuffy high school. When Frankie (Knightley) and herb friends Mike and Geoff decided to bunk off from the annual school trip they go in search for somewhere isolated to party their days and nights away. Enlisting the aid of the school nerd who helps them to find an abandoned bunker on condition that Liz (Birch) can go the four teenagers are locked into the bunker. After their time is up they wait to be let out of the bunker but when no one comes to let them out, the dark dusty bunker soon becomes a living nightmare where the walls slowly close in on the four
and paranoia and fear set in.