Vote Worst Oscar Snub

With the red carpet once again rolling out for the Oscars tomorrow night, asks what is the greatest Best Picture injustice by the Academy

Since their announcement, we here at have been reading many complaints about The Dark Knight being passed over for a Best Picture nomination. Critics, bloggers, forum users all coming out to question the Academy’s decision to ignore what was for many the cinematic highlight of 2008.


But The Dark Knight isn’t alone in being snubbed – many big name films and directors have been ignored. For example, did you know that – Alfred Hitchcock arguably one of (if not the) most influential director of all time, was nominated for Best Director five times and never won.


Similar still, Citzen Kane – considered the greatest film ever made only won Best Original Screenplay, and here’s something to keep in mind: It was openly booed during the Academy Awards ceremony whenever one of nine  nominations was read because the film so openly courted controversy and angered the Hollywood establishment.

Still not convinced that the Dark Knight isn’t alone? Well, we’ve composed a chronological list of 10 films that were certainly at or near the top of their given years, none of which were nominated for Best Picture. Have your say on which film you think most deserved the Best Picture award in the poll below!





Have a film to add – do you agree, disagree?  Don’t keep it inside – have your say on the Oscars, The Dark Knight and all things film in the comment area below!