Video Underdog Outtakes

“The Time That Remains” is a semi-autobiographical film, in four episodes, about a family from 1948 until recent times. The film is inspired by the private diaries of the author’s father, starting from when he was a resistance fighter in 1948, and by the letters of the author’s mother to family members who were forced to leave Palestine. The film attempts to portray the daily life of those Palestinians who remained and were labeled “Israeli-Arabs,” living as a minority in their own homeland.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a dog!
Not just any dog, a talking dog with super-powers.
Yep, Underdog is the new family adventure from Disney, it looks fun, although the thoughts of a flying dog is quite worrying, we hope he’s potty trained!

Underdog begins life as an ordinary beagle who unexpectedly finds himself with unimaginable powers and the ability to speak after an accident in the mysterious lab of maniacal scientist Dr. Simon Barsinister. Armed with a fetching superhero costume, Underdog vows to protect the beleaguered citizens of Capitol City and in particular one beautiful spaniel named Polly Purebread. When a sinister plot by Barsinister and his overgrown henchman Cad threatens to destroy Capitol City only Underdog can save the day.

Below you can view an obviously staged but still fun blooper reel from the film. Watch the sales of beagles go through the roof this Christmas (we imagine matching superhero outfits will be all the rage too)

Underdog is now showing at Irish cinemas everywhere