Video Feature Indiana Jones

Will Indy entertain fans? Has everyone’s favourite archaeologist still got the moves? Where would we be without Harrison Ford? Uncles Lucas and Speilberg have the answers for you in our latest Indy video feature.

It’s here! It’s been almost twenty years, but finally the latest instalment of Indy has arrived in Irish theatres.

Fans of the archaeologist have been holding their breath in anticipation of his return; desperately hoping Lucas and Spielberg will give us an Indy akin to Star Wars ‘A New Hope’ and not its later prequel ‘The Phantom Menace’.

But will Indy 4 offer us ‘new hope’ or will it be a’ phantom menace’ to a classic trilogy?

In our latest behind-the-scenes video feature, Lucas and Spielberg answer our questions and settle any remaining fear fans may have.

Check it out below!