Hollywood to adapt the Victorian horror tale.

Screenwriter Albert Torres (‘Henry Poole Is Here’) has been tapped to pen an adaptation of Cole Haddon’s and M.S. Corley’s ‘The Strange Case of Hyde,’ a 2011 limited run comic series that served as a pseudo-sequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 classic.

“Five years after Mr. Edward Hyde’s bloody reign of terror, the streets of London run red once again when a series of prostitutes are murdered with surgical precision. Convinced that the killer is using the same serum that birthed Hyde, Inspector Thomas Adye of Scotland Yard seeks assistance from its creator, the imprisoned Dr. Henry Jekyll. But even as Jekyll convinces Adye that he can best aid in the hunt if freed from prison, evidence mounts that he is not completely cured of Hyde. With the two monsters set to collide, can Adye-or his soul-survive intact?”

Dark Horse Entertainment, Skydance Productions and the Mark Gordon Company will produce.