The Hornets Helmer

Stephen Chow To Direct The Green Hornet!

Stephen Chow has signed on to direct Seth Rogen’s upcoming ‘Green Hornet’ adaptation.


Based on a radio serial from the ’30s, ‘The Green Hornet’ revolves around Britt Reid, a newspaper publisher who fights crime with his sidekick Kato.


The film marks Chow’s first Hollywood film after a string of hugely successful films in Asia, including  such
films as ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ ‘Shaolin Soccer’ and the recent release


Chow will also star opposite Rogen as Kato in the picture. Speaking about the film the director had this to say:


“I’m excited to be taking on ‘The Green Hornet’ – obviously, I’ve been a huge fan of the show since I was a kid. The idea of stepping into Bruce Lee’s shoes as Kato is both humbling and thrilling, and to get the chance to direct the project as my American movie debut is simply a dream come true. I’m grateful to my friends at Sony, who have shown so much faith in me for so many years. I’m looking forward to working with Seth, Evan, Neal, and the team at Sony, and I’m eager to get started.”

Rogen added, “Stephen was always my  first choice for director and to play Kato. We just hope that he never finds out we’re not the Wachowski Brothers.”


Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg, who recently scribed the stoner-comedy ‘Pineapple Express’, will pen the project, which is set for release June 25th, 2010.