Teaser Trailer for David Finchers Facebook movie The Social Network

It’s amazing what a bit of spooky music can do!

You Don’t Get To 500 Million Friends Without Making A Few Enemies… so says the bold statement advertising David Fincher’s latest film ‘The Social Network’. The film tells the tale of the early days of Facebook, following Mark Zuckerberg in college. It’s full of lies, deceit & back-stabbing, it wasn’t all like-buttons and pokes back in the early days.

Didn’t we write this story already? Yes, the poster was released last week (check it out below) but now we have the first teaser trailer. It doesn’t tell us much, but it sounds like Mark Zuckerberg isn’t going to be too happy with the finished film.

The Facebook themed movie opens in October 2010 – In the meantime – Why not LIKE Movies.ie on Facebook? Click here, we’re a long way from 500 Million Friends, but we’re getting there.