Stallone talks Expendables 2

Sly hints at possible Expendables sequel…

Sylvester Stallone has hinted at a possible sequel to his veteran macho marathon The Expendables.

The action thriller, which stars Sly, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke and relative nipper Jason Statham, hit more than 3,000 US cinemas this week.

“If this does perform, I think it will open a little more liquidity in funding the sequel,” said Sly, who co-wrote and directed the story of a team of mercenaries who head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator.

“I have an idea ready to go. People think doing a sequel is easy, but it’s not because you need the element of surprise. I’m going to try to do something that’s quite radical.”

The Expendables is in Irish cinemas from August 20th.