The actress who began her career at the age of three, has died, according to a statement released by her family

Earlier today, Shirley Temple’s family announced that the actress turned US Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia has died at the age of 85.

Born in 1928 in Santa Monica, California, Shirley Temple will be remembered as the most popular and famous child star of all time. Temple found international fame in the 1934 film BRIGHT EYES, which was created especially to show of her talents as her performer. In the film Temple sang the iconic song On The Good Ship Lollipop, which would become her signature song. Temple, who could sing, dance and act became the poster child for American cinema and was awarded a Juvenile Oscar for her work in film in 1934.

As she grew older, Temple’s popularity declined – partly due to some poor choices in terms of the movies she made – and in 1950, the actress retired from films all together. This did not mean that actress retired from the spotlight entirely however; in 1958, Temple hosted and narrated the popular TV show SHIRLEY TEMPLE’S STORYBOOK on NBC and appeared in an episode of THE RED SKELTON SHOW in 1963.

In later years, Temple had designs on a political career and served as US Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. As well as this, Temple was one of the first women to speak publicly about her struggle with breast cancer, helping to bring this disease into public awareness.

In 2006, Temple received the Screen Actors Guild’s Lifetime Achievement Award for having ‘lived the most remarkable life, as the brilliant performer the world came to know when she was just a child to the dedicated public servant who has served her country both at home and abroad for 30 years.’ Shirley Temple will always be remembered as the little girl with the golden curls, and we thank her for all of her work both on screen and off. sends our deepest condolences to Ms Temple’s friends and family.