Seven Sexy OffWorlders Wed Like to Meet

This week, looks at seven of the hottest off-worlders to hit the screen




What’s more awesome than a sexy alien robot? Howabout a sexy alien robot that exists inside of your head? Did we mention she was a blonde bombshell with legs that go all the way up? Caprica Six remains our favourite of the BSG sixes; she’ll almost make you forget the shows cope out ending. ALMOST.





Her metal bikini solifidied Leia’s place on almost every Top Ten Sexiest list in this galaxy but besides her obvious beauty, Leia also demonstrated herself as both a diplomat and rebel when required – a woman you could take home to your mother, despite the two danishes on either side of her head.






What to do when your Trek series is failing – get rid of the frumpy Ocampan character, and introduce some well needed sex to the show. Jerry Ryan’s 7 of 9 may not have been the strongest character in the Star Trek universe, but she made up for it with other attributes – (and we don’t mean her ocular implant).




The latest addition to the list ofoff-worlder hotties, Avatar’s Neytiri is pretty hot for a blue alien with a tail. Like Leia, she is a tough princess who looks great in a bikini top. According to reports James Cameron removed a pretty steamy sex scene from the theatrical release of “Avatar.” Maybe for the directors cut, Jim?






The orange hair is a bit unfortunate, but no one was complaining when Leeloo turned up in that bandage outfit. Not only is Leeloo a super-hot “supreme being,” she’s quite limber and is the proud owner of a multipass.




Joss Whedon’s space-western Firefly was a tragically short-lived TV series. Fortunately, the story idea was resurrected in the 2005 film Serenity-thus giving us another opportunity to watch this Brazilian beauty play  “companion” – aka an ultra high-class prostitute who is trained in the art of sexual pleasure. Success.




We don’t know much about Mary, and we don’t really care. What we know is this: She had her shirt off, she had three breasts, and she was willing to have sex with you for money.