See Indiana Jones First

A celebrated conductor of the Bolshoi Orchestra in Moscow loses his post during the Soviet regime when he refuses to fire his Jewish musicians. Twenty-five years later, the man is working as a custodian in the same theatre and helps his wife organize mock demonstrations of communist nostalgia. One day he intercepts an invitation for the Theatre du Chatelet in Paris and decides it is time to bluff his way to a comeback. He agrees to do the concert meant for the official orchestra and rounds up his old orchestra buddies. has been off on a daring mission to bring you the greatest prizes known to man kind, we’ve whipped our way through jungles and ran through caverns while being chased by giant rolling rocks but it’s been worth it, as we can announce that our next big competition will be to win tickets to an advance screening of ‘Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull’.

The movie opens at cinemas around Ireland on May 22nd but readers of can see it before it opens and for free. Right now, very little is still known
about the actual plot, Steven Spielberg has done his upmost to keep
everything a surprise, in fact you might just be amongst the first
people in the world to know what exactly Indie is getting up to in his
fourth adventure.

We’ll be opening the competition very soon, so keep an eye on our daily updates!