Sean Harris and Joel McHale Join BEWARE THE NIGHT

Supernatural thriller fills out two more roles.

British actor Sean Harris (‘Prometheus,’ ‘A Lonely Place to Die’) and ‘Community’ star Joel McHale are set to join Eric Bana for ‘Beware the Night.’

A supernatural thriller, ‘Beware the Night’ is the story of a New York street cop (Bana) who has put his faith in religion behind him but now finds himself targeted by the Devil in the form of possessed soldier. Harris will be take the role of the “possessed soldier,” while McHale will be playing Bana’s partner, an experienced and tough cop.  Édgar Ramírez (‘Zero Dark Thirty’) is already on board as a Jesuit priest, with Olivia Munn (‘The Newsroom’) playing Bana’s wife.

Scott Derrickson is directing with the screenplay coming from Paul Harris Boardman