SATC director pens new project

King talks movies and a SATC sequel.

‘Sex and the City’ writer-director-producer Michael Patrick King is talking about his next film project.

King makes his feature directorial debut on the long awaited feature spin-off of the signature HBO series that he helmed through six seasons.

King is in the outline stage on the next project he’ll write to direct; “It’s a romantic comedy, but a deconstructed version,” he said. “I want to write bigger stories about love and what it all means. The great thing about having your first movie be ‘Sex and the City’ is the audience was accustomed to complicated storytelling. Stacey and I had a great talk, and I’m going to show her the script and DreamWorks will have first jump at it.”

Speaking about a SATC sequel, the director is not ruling anything out:”I wrote that movie with a beginning, middle and end because I didn’t want to leave the audience unfulfilled,” he said. “The actresses are great, and if the gods smile and people are still interested, why not?”

Sex and the City is in Irish cinemas now.