Ridley Scott to Tackle Cold War Drama REYKJAVIK

Scott confirmed to direct political drama.

Ridley Scott is currently busy shooting his sci-fi movie ‘Prometheus’ but that hasn’t stopped him from adding more projects to his future slate. Just yesterday we revealed that the director was set to direct a remake of ‘Red Riding’ from a script by ‘Zodiac’ scribe Jamie Vanderbilt.

Now Scott has been confirmed to direct and produce the Cold War drama ‘Reykjavik.’ from a script penned by Kevin Hood (‘Becoming Jane’).

The movie will focus on the meeting between US president Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1986 which helped bring about the end of the Cold War. The movie takes its title from the Icelandic capital where the meeting took place.

It’s not clear which project the director will choose to move on to after finishes up on ‘Prometheus.’ Along with ‘Red Riding’ and ‘Reykjavik’ the director currently has his name attached to a big screen adaptation of the board game ‘Monopoly;’ a biopic of the British explorer Gertrude Bell with Naomi Watts in talks for the lead, the Civil War drama ‘The Color of Lightning,’ a biopic of fashion icon Gucci, the soviet thriller ‘Child 44,’ a film noir titled ‘The Kind One’ with Casey Affleck attached to star, and adaptations of the classic sci-fi novels ‘Brave New World’ and ‘The Forever War.’