Preview Dublin City Comic Con

Meet the man behind the Iron Man suit! brings you an early preview of what’s to come at this year’s Dublin City Comic Con.

Fancy meeting the man behind the ‘Iron man’ suit, or chatting Time Lords with one of the Doctor Who scribes? Well, here’s your chance with some of the Sci-fi/Fantasy’s biggest names coming to Ireland for the Dublin City Comic Com.

Running November 22nd and 23rd, the third annual Dublin Comic Con promises a stellar lineup and with guests from previous years including such comic luminaries as Jim Lee, Bryan Hitch and graphic novelist Mark Millar of the big screen success WANTED, we expect this year’s guest-list to be equally star studded.

Who’s his favourite Doctor? Ask Doctor Who scribe Paul Cornellis at this year’s Dublin Comic Con.





And so far, star studded it certainly is. Bosnian-born Adi Granov, for example, not only draws for the Iron Man comic, but also designed the Iron Man suit used in the recent movie! Paul Cornellis not only writing the hugely successful Captain Britain And MI:13 for Marvel Comics, but has also written extensively for TV, including episodes of Doctor Who and Primeval and Dan Slott is currently writing two of Marvel Comics’s hottest titles, She Hulk and The Amazing Spider-Man. This year’s con also features three Irish artists who have made it big in the world of comics: Stephen Mooney, Nick Roche and Stephen Thompson.

Iron Man versus Batman? Ask Adi Granov the designer of THE suit at this year’s Con.










The organizers will be running panels and signings throughout both days, spread across two dealer rooms and a lecture theatre/screening room.

The full guest-list for this year’s event includes:


CB Cebulski , writer of Marvel Fairy Tales and X-Men Divided: We Stand;
Olivier Copiel, artist on Marvel Comics’ Thor; Paul Cornell, writer on Marvel Comics’ Captain Britain And MI:13 as well as of several episodes of BBC’s Doctor Who TV series; Tommy Lee Edwards, artist on Marvel 1985; Adi Granov, artist on Iron Man; Jonathan Hickman, writer and artist on Image Comics’ The Nightly News and Pax Romana; Matt Hollingsworth, colourist on Marvel Comics’ Eternals and Daredevil; Michael Lark artist on Marvel Comics’ Daredevil and on DC Comics’ Gotham Central; Stephen Mooney , artist on IDW’s Angel: After the Fall and The Mummy : The Rise & Fall of Xango’s ;Ax Esad Ribic, artist on Silver Surfer: Requiem and Loki; Nick Roche, artist on IDW’s Transformers and Doctor Who; Liam Sharp, artist on Wild Storm’s Gears Of War and Vertigo’s Testament; Dan Slott, writer of She Hulk and The Amazing Spider-Man; and, last but by no means least, Stephen Thompson artist on IDW’s Star Trek: The New Frontier and Presidential Material: John McCain.



This year’s convention will be held at The Park Inn, Smithfield Square. Admission to the event is €20 per day or €35 for the weekend, and electronic ticketing via will go live next week.



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