Pixars Day Night Behind The Scenes of the Toy Story 3 short

Check out Day & Night, the short animation that will accompany Toy Story 3 in cinemas.

Teddy Newton, the director of Pixar’s ‘Day and Night’ admits that his new animated short is “impossible to describe”.

We’ll have a rough go at a description, ‘Night & Day’ features two 2D characters, one representing day-time, the other represents night-time, and inside their bodies is a 3D world, showing day and night respectively. Confused? You should be! But Pixar boss John Lasseter was so impressed when he saw the pitch that he instantly green-lit it to show before Toy Story 3.

Check out the Pixar behind the scenes video below.

NIGHT & DAY (and Toy Story 3) hit Irish cinemas in July 2010