Gemma Arterton and Stephen Fry also on the cast.

It has been announced that Nicholas Hoult (‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ ‘Warm Bodies’), Gemma Arterton (‘Runner Runner,’ ‘Byzantium’) and the always awesome Stephen Fry are set to lend their voices to the ‘Toy Story’-style family-adventure ‘Once Upon a Time in the Kitchen.’

To be directed by Alexander Williams, an animator who has worked on the likes of ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Pocahontas,’ from a script by Chris Brown, the story follows a feud between the everyday utensils and the best silver, cutlery from opposite sides of the table.

In a statement, Williams said: “’Once Upon a Time in the Kitchen’ is a fantasy adventure aimed squarely at a family audience, but with enough sophisticated wit to keep the grown-ups happy.”

“To me the best animated films invite the audience in to a world that they have never seen before – and could not possibly see outside of the medium of animation. We want to bring a familiar world to life in a completely unfamiliar way – what really happens in the kitchen after dark, when the humans leave?”

Production is expected to get underway in September.