Neeson and Wilde to Star in Paul Haggis

Stars reunite with Haggis for relationship vignette.

Back in January 2011, writer/director Paul Haggis (‘The Next Three Days,’ ‘Crash’) revealed to us that he was looking to make his screenplay ‘Third Person’ his next directorial effort.

An ensemble drama, the film will take place in three different cities – New York, Paris, and Rome – with interwoven storylines centering on three different relationships.

Now it appears that Haggis has begun to lock in a cast, as Liam Neeson has confirmed that he is attached to star, with Olivia Wilde set to join him. Talking recently, the ‘Wrath of the Titans’ and ‘Battleship’ star said:

“I’m doing a movie in September for four weeks with Olivia Wilde. We have some serious love-making to do so I have some push-ups to do. It’s a really interesting part and I get to go to bed with Olivia Wilde! It’s a small film. It’s a really interesting script.”

“It’s a love story between different couples. I play a writer – or at least, I think so at the minute. It’s about a writer trying to get over a tragic death that he emotionally tries to access through the characters he writes about. He imagines their reactions to this tragic death of a kid drowning in a swimming pool.”