Movie Wars Gigantic vs Sunshine Cleaning

It’s the battle of the festival favourites this week as pits Paul Dano’s Gigantic versus Amy Adams’ Sunshine Cleaning

This time we are going Indie and bring in two films released this week, Matt Aselton’s ‘Gigantic‘ and Christine Jeff’s ‘Sunshine Cleaning‘.

Gigantic‘ is the story of Brian Weathersby, a quiet mattress salesman who is seeking to adopt a Chinese baby but his plan and his life are all greatly changed when a young woman called Harriet falls asleep in his store and forever leaves her mark on his life and his heart.

Struggling to send her son to a private school, ‘Sunshine Cleaning‘s’ single mum Rose realises she must sort out other peoples messes if she is ever going to sort her own life out and what better way to do that than by setting up her business as a biohazard crime scene cleaner.

Both films have have been well received on the film festival circuit so to decide which of these films deserves your attention, we pit them head to head  in this week’s Movie Wars…