Movie Wars Doctor Who

With the recent rumours of a potential Doctor Who film, looks at who should play the infamous last child of Gallifrey?

Rumours made the rounds early this week of plans for a possible Doctor Who big screen movie with none other than Johnny Depp linked to the infamous Time Lord. The BBC were quick to quash such suggestions with the broadcasters dismissing the the online chatter as “pure speculation.”

Still, we here at love nothing more than the possibility of the TARDIS flying to the big screen, but who would really play the last child of Gallifrey?

The current favourite from bookies, Johnny Depp clearly has the A-list factor if the BBC is looking for a recognisable star and judging from his swashbuckling antics on Pirates of the Caribbean, we know he’s no stranger to the eccentric.


Second to Depp is the current TARDIS resident, Matt Smith. Not a big Hollywood name like Depp, but as the youngest ever actor to play the Time Lord, Smith’s gleeful portrayal has won over fans of the series (and kudos to the actor for his recent appearance at Glastonbury with Orbital).

No Time Lord list would be complete without mention of everyone’s favourite Scot: David Tennant. A more recognise star and an obvious favourite for Who fans, any potential movie with Tennant would involve major time paradoxes (or the half human/half time lord Doctor living in the alternative universe with Billy Piper?)


Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe is another name in the race and with the Potter franchise coming to an end, we can see Radcliffe vying for the role, but can the wizard really make the transition to alien? We’re not so sure…


Bringing a touch of class to the list, Daniel Day-Lewis is the final suggest we’re making for the Time Lord. At 53, the actor would bring serious thespian cred to the role and perhaps make us forget the abysmal musical number he last starred in….