List of Potential Directors for DIE HARD 5

Studio looking to move forward with new director.

20th Century Fox is believed to have put together a short list of directors to replace Noam Murro as director on ‘Die Hard 5.’ Murro was previously attached to direct John McClane’s fifth outing before departing the project to helm the ‘300’ prequel ‘300: Battle of Artemisia.’

According to Deadline, the list is made up of Joe Cornish (‘Attack the Block’), Justin Lin (‘Fast Five’), Nicolas Winding Refn (‘Drive,’ ‘Bronson’) and Irish helmer John Moore (‘Max Payne’).

While it may seem strange that Cornish is included, it is best to remember that Murro only had the indie comedy ‘Smart People’ on his résumé before he took the reins of the as-yet-untitled movie.

It was thought that Moore was the frontrunner and had already snagged the job, with Twitch reporting that studio heads told Moore the project “is essentially his to take or leave,” but Deadline says that the filmmaker has yet to have a meeting with the studio to discuss the project.

Whoever takes the director’s chair will be working from a script by Skip Woods (‘The A-Team,’ ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’). The scribe’s screenplay is said to take John McClane and his now adult son over to Russia and put them in “a conflict with local forces.”

What do you think, who should the studio bring on board?