Life Of Pi footage for Movie Fest

See exclusive footage from Ang Lee’s new movie

Movie Fest 2012 takes place next weekend on September 8th and 9th, Over the weekend we’ll screen six full movies plus exclusive footage and trailers.

We’ve announced three movies so far LOOPER, PARANORMAN, PREMIUM RUSH… all of which will be screened in Irish cinemas for the very first time.
We’ll be announcing our fourth movie soon plus news of a special guest joining us for one of the movies. 

As well as movies, the festival will also show clips, trailers and footage from Comic Con… last week we revealed that we’ll have footage from IRON MAN 3. 
Today, we’re excited to reveal that 20th Century Fox will be showcasing new brand new footage from Ang Lee’s THE LIFE OF PI.
Other highlights that Fox are showing at Movie Fest include a sizzle reel for Die Hard 5 that we can’t wait to see. 

Check out the recent trailer from The Life Of Pi.

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