Ken Marino, Peter Stormare & Gillian Jacobs to Lead MILO

Trio land leads in indie horror comedy.

Ken Marino (‘Wanderlust,’ ‘Party Down’), Peter Stormare (‘Lockout,’ ‘Fargo’) and ‘Community’ star Gillian Jacobs are to star in ‘Milo,’ an indie horror comedy that will mark the directorial debut of editor Jacob Vaughan.

With a script by Vaughan and Benjamin Hayes, the story centres on “a man (Marino) with intense stomach trouble who learns to his horror that he has a demon living in his intestines. When he gives it permission to come out during a therapy session, the man names it Milo and tries to live a life in which he, not his demon, is in charge.”

THR reports that Stormare will be playing the man’s shrink, with Jacobs (‘The Incredible Burt Wonderstone’) taking the role of Marino’s wife, one of the stresses in his life.

Jay and Mark Duplass, who worked with Vaughan on ‘Jeff, Who Lives at Home’ and ‘Cyrus’ are on board as producers.