Jackson cut from Bruno movie 200 minute scene gets the chop

Last minute changes to Bruno after the death of Michael Jackson

Universal execs and Sacha Baron Cohen yesterday made an urgent change to the final print of Bruno. A scene where Bruno asks LaToya Jackson for her brother’s phone number was snipped just moments before being shown to a celebrity-studded audience in Hollywood. Michael Jackson passed away just a few hours before the premiere, so the speed of the last minute edit is admirable.


In the cut scene Bruno interviews LaToya Jackson while sitting on “chairs” made of Mexican workers bending over on their hands and knees – then while serving her sushi of the hairy body of a naked man, Bruno proceeds to steal La Toya’s mobile phone so that he can steal Michael Jackson’s telephone number.


Universal execs will reassess whether to keep the scene in the movie when it goes on general release on July 10th.

Meanwhile, Movies.ie is hosting an advance preview screening of Bruno neext Thursday in Dublin’s city centre. Click here to put your name in the hat.

Bruno goes on general release in Irish cinemas on July 10th