Irish Movie Channel given green light by Pat Rabbite

100 channels and nothing to watch!

Good news TV fans,  it looks like we’re about to get a lot of new channels carried on RTE’s new digital television platform (DTT), including two new TV3 stations, a new TG4 channel, an Oireachtas channel and best of all, a new Irish film channel.

The new Irish film channel will carry the best of Irish film, including classics like ‘I Went Down’, ‘The Guard’, ‘Ondine’, ‘Zonad’, ‘In Bruges’ and 100s more…  

According to a report in the Sunday Independent, communications Minister Pat Rabbitte greenlit the channels stating “These channels are currently notional and need to be developed by their proposers, adding that he had asked the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland to contact the interested parties about the stations and “where appropriate, make progress in regard to licensing”.