Forster Wanted for IMAGINING NATHAN

Helmer being sought for high-concept drama.

Walt Disney Pictures is reportedly in talks with Marc Forster (‘World War Z,’ ‘Quantum of Solace,’ ‘Neverland,’ ‘The Kite Runner’) to take the directing reigns of its drama ‘Imagining Nathan.’

Based on a spec script by Ron “Gustin” Parker, the plot follows the titular Nathan, who, as a six-year-old, withdraws into a make-believe world after his parents are killed. Now, thirty years later, the adult Nathan has been diagnosed with a condition which causes him to live in a cartoon-like fantasy world and his sister, Tess, is helping him escape his demons.

Originally set up over at Universal, the long-in-development once had its eyes on Jim Carrey and Jodie Foster for the leads with actor-turned-director Tony Goldwyn in the director’s seat.