Five Great Movie Geeks

Movie celebrates all things geeky as we take a look at five of the best movie geeks

Garth Algar (Wayne’s World)


Ah poor old Garth, so far down the social food chain that he has to live in a world ruled by best friend Wayne. But come on people, isn’t it Wayne who’s our favourite? He’s a bit of a mover, has a love for red rope liquorice, he didn’t get pubes until very late and in his spare time he contemplates his crush on Bugs Bunny when he dressed up as a girl bunny. Yes Garth is lovable geek extraordinaire!

Marcus (About A Boy)


Nowadays Nicholas Hoult is better known for his portrayal of roguish (and that’s putting it politely) Tony in teenage soap Skins but back in the day he was a cute little nerdy guy with a bowl haircut and penchant for bad rapping. Marcus is undeniably adorable with his complete lack of social awareness; mainly thanks to
his mum Toni Collette who emphasises freedom of expression – which let’s face it isn’t going to make you popular in your average school. Marcus is so lovable a
character though that he even makes Hugh Grant palatable!

Preston Myers (Can’t Hardly Wait)


They say that God loves a tryer, well audiences definitely do. In this case it’s Preston Myers, a high school nerd with boundless optimism that one day he’ll get the girl of his dreams (it’s Jennifer Love Hewitt so we certainly admire his chutzpah). Preston is played by Ethan Embry who you may recognise as the equally lovable Mark from Empire Records. On high school graduation day when the girl of his dreams breaks up with her jock boyfriend he decides that it’s fate that he should step in.

Justin Cobb (Thumbsucker)

Justin really is up against the odds when it comes to being some kind of a normal teenager. His mother is Tilda Swinton and his orthodontist is a new age Keanu Reeves who wants to tackle his problems with hypnosis rather than surgery. Oh, he needs dental work because, as the title suggests, he is a chronic thumbsucker. This is hardly a combination for normality, or to make any kind of good impression on his crush, ace of the debating team, Rebecca.

Klitz (The Girl Next Door)

Paul Dano would soon come to much greater attention thanks to his outstanding performances in Oscar darlings Little Miss Sunshine and There Will Be Blood but even in this light teen comedy Dano steals the show as Klitz, the chinless wonder. Living in a little bubble with his best friends, he seems doomed to nerdy isolation. However, the film does treat him well with a truly happy ending!