Fact File Christina Applegate

Ten Things You Never Knew About Christina Applegate…

Christina Applegate has come along way since her first role in 1981 in ‘Jaws of Satan’ – she played every boys teenage crush in the cult TV show Married with Children, and has gone from the little screen to the big screen and fixed herself a place amongst some of Hollywood’s most beautiful and talented actresses. In August of this year she was diagnosed with cancer but the feisty blonde has not let it stop her and her latest film ‘The Rocker’ is opening in Irish cinemas this weekend, Applegate’s strength and success seem to know no bounds, with another popular television show ‘Samantha Who?’ firmly under her belt, we can only wonder what her next move will be, in conquering Hollywood.

To celebrate her return, Movies.ie presents – 10 things you never knew about Ms Christina Applegate:

(1)She co-wrote “The Penis Song” with The Sweetest Thing (2002) co-stars Cameron Diaz and Selma Blair. No not that one, this one.

(2)She first appeared on television as an infant in a commercial for disposable diapers – dirt burd!

(3)According to Celebrity Sleuth magazine her measurements are 35-23-35 ½ – the more ya know…

(4)Went to high school with Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich. She quit school at 17 – well Milla Jovoich – wouldn’t you?

(5) She grew up near the site of the notorious 1981 Wonderland (or Four-on-the-Floor) murders involving John Holmes. She later played “Susan Launius”, the sole survivor of the murders, in the movie Wonderland (2003).

(6) Christina was given “special thanks” in the credits of the film Donnie Darko.

(7)Christina’s father, Robert Applegate, is a record company executive, her mother, Nancy Priddy is a singer and actress.

(8) Christina has an apple tattoo below her navel, a vine on both ankles and a tattoo of her mom’s name and the name of her church.

(9) Her new Emmy winning sitcom ‘Samantha Who’ was created by none other than Irish gal Cecilia Ahern.

(10) She underwent a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer to prevent the illness returning.

The Rocker is in Irish cinemas from Friday, October 17th.