David Slade to Direct Ed Brubaker’s COWARD

Comicbook scribe adapting ‘Coward’ for Slade to direct

’30 Days of Night’ and ‘Twilight: Eclipse’ director David Slade is working with comic book scribe Ed Brubaker on an adaptation of the writer’s graphic novel ‘Coward.’

A modern crime noir, ‘Coward’ is the first of six interconnected stories in Brubaker and illustrator Sean Phillips’ ‘Criminal’ series. The story centers on Leo, a master thief and heist planner who lives in a world of hustlers, crooked cops, pickpockets and lowlifes. The graphic novel was published by Marvel Comics’ Icon imprint.

Talking to Variety, Brubaker said, “If Ryan Gosling hadn’t already been in ‘Drive,’ he’d be perfect (for the role of Leo). It’s a good role for any actor; about a guy who’s afraid to do things because of what’s inside of him. It’s a heist story, partly — it’s a lot of different crime stories wrapped in one, but heist stories are always exciting if they’re pulled off correctly.”

Slade told the trade, “‘Coward’ was just a great modern story. It harkens back to an era of crime stories where there’s really a gritty reality to it, but there’s a kind of underworld haze of noir. It’s not like we have to reinvent the material, to figure it out, because it already works.”