DALTON TRUMBO Biopic Eyes John Goodman

Bryan Cranston and Helen Mirren co-starring…

John Goodman (‘The Gambler,’ ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’) has entered into talk to join the cast of Jay Roach‘s upcoming Dalton Trumbo biopic, according to the folks over at TheWrap.

Headlined by Goodman’s ‘Argo’ co-star Bryan Cranston, the film tells the life of the renowned screenwriter and novelist, whose career come to a halt when he was blacklisted after he refused to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in 1947 during the committee’s investigation of communist influences in the nation. He continued writing under pseudonyms, and even won two Academy Awards while blacklisted. After the blacklist effectively ended, he resumed his career under his own name.

The site’s sources have Goodman lined up for the role of film producer Frank King, whose company hired Trumbo despite the fact that he was blacklisted. Helen Mirren (‘Woman in Gold,’ ‘The Hundred-Foot Journey’) will also co-star, playing Hedda Hopper, the gossip columnist who persecuted Trumbo.

Roach will be helming from a script by John McNamara, with Michael London of Groundswell Productions (‘Win Win,’ ‘The Visitor,’ ‘Sideways’) financing.