Craig talks Bond

James Bond would be better as an American, says actor Daniel Criag

An American make a better Bond – that’s according to the current 007 star Daniel Craig.

The star, who takes on the role for a second time in “Quantum Of Solace” later this month, commented that the British sense of “self-mockery” means that something about the character is lost.

He added that his turn as the superspy could suffer as a result of his Britishness.

“I am always trying to self-mock. I am trying to put it down or to laugh it off but you have got to be careful because false humility is not a great trait,” he said.

The actor, 40, has also revealed how he often gets the jitters when performing stunts but always insists on doing them himself.


Craig – who lost his two front teeth doing fight scenes for his first Bond film Casino Royale – said: “No matter how good the double is, if the audience can see it’s you, if they have that moment of ‘F*** me, it’s him’, they get more involved in the movie.

“Quantum Of Solace” is in Irish cinemas October 31st.