Clooney for Birds remake

George Clooney tipped for remake of Hitchcock’s “The Birds”

George Clooney has been tipped to play the lead role in a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic “The Birds”.

The original 1963 movie, which starred Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren, was based on a Daphne Du Maurier story about a small Californian town where birds suddenly start attacking people.

Taylor has said that he is sceptical about movie remakes but would be happy to see Clooney take over his role as lawyer Mitch Brenner:

“I often cringe when I hear mention of remakes but I’ll hold judgement, especially since I’ve been told Clooney’s the favourite,” he told reporters.

Naomi Watts has been named as the female lead Melanie Daniels, the role first played by Tippi Hedren. Hedren, however, is not keen on seeing The Birds get remade, having previously said, “Can’t we find new stories, new things to do? Must you be so insecure that you have to take a film that’s a classic and try to do it over?”