Christopher Walken John Turturro Alicia Silverstone Edie Falco More Join GODS BEHAVING BADLY

Walken and company to play Greek Gods.

‘Little Miss Sunshine’ producer Marc Turtletaub is set to make his directorial debut with an adaptation of Marie Phillips’ bestselling satirical novel ‘Gods Behaving Badly.’

The film tells the story of the Greek Gods, alive and well and living in a terraced house in New York City (changed from the London setting in Phillips’ novel), as they cross paths with a young couple, Kate and Neil. The intersection of the Gods and the mortals threatens not only the couple’s budding relationship, but the future of everything else.

Turtletaub has landed quite a mixed class for his feature; in the roles of Kate and Neil are Alicia Silverstone and Ebon Moss-Bachrach. Playing the Gods, Christopher Walken – Zeus, John Turturro – Hades, Sharon Stone – Aphrodite, Oliver Platt – Apollo, Edie Falco – Artemis, Nelsan Ellis – Dionysus, Phylicia Rashad – Demeter, Rosie Perez – Persephone, Gideon Glick – Eros and Henry Zebrowski – Hermes.

The screenplay was adapted by Josh Goldfaden and Turtletaub. Production is set to kick off this month in New York City.