Charity Screening of Rise and Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story

Charity screening for Dublin cinema…

One of the regular forum users is hoping to advertise a charity screening in Dublin, he sent on the following message with details –> 

Last May, while browsing the website (a site for people who request crowd sourced funds to create projects they cannot get private funding for) I noticed a new project was requesting funding for a documentary on Jay DeMerit, the US soccer player.

While it was the name that caught my eye, after watching the trailer I resolved to donate what I could and help the guys complete a project that was clearly very close to their hearts. I was one of the first backers of the project, and I think the first person outside of the States to contribute to it.

The project completed funding a little over two months later, and set new records on kickstarter for a movie funded on the site, the largest set goal on the site, and the seventh largest total number of backers, including Bolton Wanderers midfielder Stuart Holden who donated 10,000!

Since the film was completed, the directors have been hosting screenings in the States, and it is about to have a limited run in England. They asked the backers of the project to try and help organise screenings in their own areas, so with that in mind I contacted them a few months ago about hosting a screening in Dublin. They were very responsive, and have been a lot of help to me over the last few weeks while I try to get this up and running.

It’s gotten to the point where I have quotes from a few different cinemas around Dublin for renting a screen for an evening and now I need to find out the interest level so I can go ahead and book it. At the moment, the most likely venues are UCI in Blanchardstown* and Cineworld on Parnell St.

Take a look at the trailer on the documentary’s kickstarter page here: … erit-story – and have a read of the background of how it was film on the official site here – – that story is nearly as interesting as the documentary itself!

If you’re interested in seeing it, leave a reply below. At the moment, I’ll need about 80 people in total to show an interest (I’ll be posting it on other sites I’m involved with as well) and it’ll be about 6-10 euro per person to cover the cost of the screening depending on the level of interest

As well as that, I’m involved with a charity collection in the office where I work. I work as a computer programmer (I know, shock, horror!) and one of the developers in the office is raising money for an operation for his son James, who has cerebral palsy. We’re doing a variety of events this year to raise money, so if you attend the screening, I would ask you to donate €5 to the fund. You can read mode about the charity, and how to donate here: