Cameron Crowe Lands Emma Stone for DEEP TIKI

Long-in-development project nabs new female lead.

According to reports from Deadline and Variety’s Jeff Sneider, Emma Stone (‘The Amazing Spider-Man,’ ‘The Help’) is set to take the female lead in Cameron Crowe’s long-in-development romantic comedy ‘Deep Tiki.’

Originally planned as Crowe’s follow up to 2005s ‘Elizabethtown,’ the film was set to star Reese Witherspoon and Ben Stiller, but scheduling conflicts caused delays.

Crowe is believed to have reworked the original script which centred on a disgraced U.S. military weapons consultant who is deployed to a dormant base in Hawaii to supervise the launch of an advanced spy satellite as a response to aggression from China. Once there, he starts to discover himself and the relationships he left behind against the backdrop of mythical island lore and cold war-esque diplomacy.

The project has been described as being reminiscent of ‘Almost Famous’ and ‘Jerry Maguire.’