British filmmaker selects next directorial effort.

Michael Apted (‘Chasing Mavericks,’ ‘Amazing Grace,’ ‘The World is Not Enough’) has attached himself to direct an as-yet-untitled feature adaptation of the Hilary Mantel novel ‘Eight Months on Ghazzah Street.’

Originally published in 1988, Mantel’s third novel is based on her own experiences in Saudi Arabia and “explores different peoples’ struggles with the contrast in cultures, including those of people of different Islamic cultures, and the misunderstandings between the Saudis and Westerners, as well as between women and men.”

“I’ve made lots of films about women and their changing role in society, so I’m interested in looking at this subject in the Middle East. I think that’s the interesting story here, not spies or terrorists. [The project] isn’t critical of the Middle East; if anything it’s slightly anti-American,” said Apted.

Craig Bolotin (‘Black Rain’) will provide the screenplay for the adaptation, which according to Screen Daily will the adaptation will update Mantel’s 1980s-set novel to the present day.