Blumhouse Productions financing.

Deadline’s Mike Fleming is hearing that Aaron Eckhart (‘Olympus Has Fallen,’ ‘The Dark Knight’) is teaming up with ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’ director Brad Peyton for the horror thriller ‘Incarnate.’

Featuring a script by Ronnie Christensen (‘Passengers,’ ‘Dark Tide’), the film follows an unconventional exorcist (Eckhart) who can tap into the subconscious of the possessed. The exorcist meets his match when a 9-year-old boy is possessed by a demon from his past.

Jason Blumhouse (‘Insidious,’ ‘The Purge,’ ‘Paranormal Activity,’ ‘Sinister’) is on board to produce with IM Global co-financing the film. Couper Samuelson, Michael Seitzman and Trevor Engelson will serve as executive producers.