7 Great Movie Underdogs

As Jaden Smith prepares to take on the role of the Karate Kid, we take a look at 7 great underdogs on the big screen…


Historical accuracy and accents be damned: Braveheart remains a rousing tale of an underdog struggling to rise above overwhelming odds. Gibson plays the classic underdog William Wallace, who as a child bore witness ton the death’s of his father, brother and many other at the hand of English rule. When his wife is publicly executed by a bastard English sheriff, the once passive farmer Wallace is drawn into a bloody guerilla war. Sure things don’t go to well for our hero – he is afterall eventually taken into custody, whereupon he is beaten, hanged, racked, disemboweled, tickled and finally publicly beheaded, but who among us has forgotten Wallace’s final cry of “FREEDOM!”?