5 Pixar Characters Wed Like To Meet

With Toy Story 3 now in cinemas, we look at five Pixar characters we’d like to watch…


Every Mac owners dream, EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) was the sexy, slender robot designed from WALL-E. Sent to search Earth for plant-life and test for habitability, she gets distracted by the goofy yet ultimately irrestistible trash-bot WALL-E and robotic love is in the air…. Director Andrew Stanton brought in Apple’s lead product designer, Jonathan Ive (the guy who designed the iMac, iPod and iPhone), to help create EVE.


Edna Mode: The Incredibles

The most fah-bulous character to ever grace the Pixar screen, Edna Mode was responsible for THE GLAMOUR of the Incredibles clan. Her presence may be brief in the film, but with her deadpan wit and deadpan fringe, Edna Mode stole the show….

Green Aliens: Toy Story

True, the Green Aliens add little to the plot of Toy Story but these green aliens are almost as iconic to the Toy Story as Buzz and Woody himself. Not bad going for a collection of identical guys with more eyes than IQ points!

Dory: Finding Nemo

The blue tang fish that steals every scene. Dory was voice by the equally likable and goofy Ellen DeGeneres. From the moment Nemo meets Dory, something is just a little off. Soon we realize she’s suffering from short-term memory loss, which makes for a one riotous scenario after another!

Heimlich A Bug’s Life

He’s the bug that longed for a better life as a “beautiful butterfly”, but Heimlich is just a big, fat, candy corn-devouring machine. The thickly German accented caterpillar inspires the kind of affection that only complete lack of self-awareness can.