10 things you need to know about Kristin Scott Thomas

We bring you factoids about the star of ONLY GOD FORGIVES and LOOKING FOR HORTENSE

This week, Kristin Scott Thomas has two films in Irish cinemas. In ONLY GOD FORGIVES, the actress plays Crystal, a manipulative and foul-mouthed mother. In LOOKING FOR HORTENSE, Scott Thomas takes the role of a wife disillusioned with her marriage. Seeing as we have a cinematic Scott Thomas double whammy, Movies.ie gathered together some trivia about the Oscar nominated actress.

Kristin Scott Thomas was born in England, but when a schoolteacher told her there was no money to be made in acting, she upped sticks and moved to France at the age of 19.
… She now considers herself more French than English since she has lived there for so long.

Scott Thomas speaks fluent French and frequently dubs her own performances into French, as well as appearing in numerous French films.
… Most recently, KST spoke fluent French in Francois Ozon’s IN THE HOUSE.

KST, as Nicolas Winding Refn calls her, has played the mother of Scarlett Johansson’s characters in two movies: The OTHER BOLEYN GIRL and THE HORSE WHISPERER.
… Talk about family ties!

She was awarded Legion d’Honneur, France’s highest civilian award, in January 2005 honours list.
… KST was also given an OBE by the Queen of England for Services to Drama.

Scott Thomas’s sister, Serena, is also an actress and played Dr Molly Warmflash in the bond film, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH.
… In another family connection, KST appeared in a TV show about the 007 creator called THE SECRET LIFE OF IAN FLEMING.

KST’s character in ONLY GOD FORGIVES is modelled after Shakespeare character Lady Macbeth and fashion designer Donatella Versace.
… That’s quite the combination. There is also some profanity thrown in there, courtesy of Ryan Gosling.

Kristin Scott Thomas lobbied Anthony Minghella for the role of Katharine Clifton in THE ENGLISH PATIENT and was cast after writing a letter to the director included the statement “I am ‘K’ in your film”.
… Well that certainly shows tenacity.

By her own admission, Kristin Scott Thomas was famously difficult on set whilst working on GOSFORD PARK. The only explanation she could come up with was that she was half in character the entire time she was on set.
… However, she did apologise to everyone after the shoot wrapped.

KST guest starred in an episode of ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS in 2003.
… Her character was called Plum Berkeley and was described, by Patsy, as ‘New age philosophy with a Cartier wrist watch’.

Scott Thomas sang The Darktown Strutters’ Ball in THE ENGLISH PATIENT
… Although she is uncredited in the film for her singing performance.

ONLY GOD FORGIVES and LOOKING FOR HORTENSE are both in Irish cinemas now.

Words: Brogen Hayes