Tom Hardy (‘Venom,’ ‘Dunkirk’) has signed on to produce and star in ‘My War Gone By, I Miss It So,’ a war drama based on the book of the same name by journalist and war correspondent Anthony Lloyd.

An uncompromising look at the terrifying brutality of war told by a young correspondent who saw the horrors firsthand, the film alternates between Lloyd’s experiences covering the war in Bosnia and personal reflections of his time in the British army. Addicted to the adrenaline of armed combat, Lloyd returned home to wage a personal battle against substance abuse.

“‘My War Gone By’ is a brutal yet sensitive story which addresses both the nature of addiction and the experience of war,” Hardy said in a statement to Variety. “I was struck by Anthony’s work and words, experiences, and for me his is an important voice and an important book.”

Gavin O’Connor, who previously worked with Hardy on the 2011 MMA drama ‘Warrior,’ is attached to direct and produce, along with Scott LaStaiti.

“Anthony’s memoir was love at first page — a portrait of war like I’d never read before,” O’Connor said. “An up-close-and-personal account of a heroin junkie reporting from the front lines of Bosnia — the bloodiest conflict Europe has witnessed since the Second World War — who uses the high of war to kick his drug habit. It’s a book written with both fists. It’s Anthony’s ‘Apocalypse Now.’ I feel privileged and honored for the opportunity to bring the book to the movies.”

Hardy is currently in Irish cinemas with Christopher Nolan’s WWII epic ‘Dunkirk.’